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Watch Rare Footage of Beyoncé’s Twins, Rumi and Sir, in a New Video

Beyoncé shared a four-minute-long video on her Instagram story in which she reflected on 2020. “Cheers to 2020,” the video reads. It starts with a video of the 2020 countdown, then shows footage of Bey Good and Tina Lawson’s COVID-19 testing efforts on May of this year. Also featured were Bey’s many uplifting speeches she gave this year, including her BET Awards speech and her commencement address to 2020 graduates.

Nestled in the footage of all the things Bey has managed to do in 2020 was rare footage of her twins, Rumi and Sir, who turn 4 years old on June 13, 2021. She is riding in a golf cart with the toddlers, whom she asks, “How do you feel about your summer this year? Did you have a good summer? Yeah? What’d you do?” she asks Rumi, who’s wearing a big pink bow and doesn’t seem to be in the mood to answer questions at the moment.

The clip is at about one minutes and 40 seconds, and it’s only one of a few scenes featuring down time with the Carter-Knowles bunch.

Of course, she also takes the time to reflect on her Disney+ project, Black Is King. Of course, Blue Ivy got her time to shine in that visual album, and she also shows up in the 2020 video. An image of Hair Love comes up in the video, and we hear Blue narrating the Matthew Cherry book, yet another project she tackled in 2020. We also see video of Blue recording “Brown Skin Girl,” and we see her happy mom saying, in an impressed tone, “okay!”

Blue became one of the youngest Grammy nominees in history for her work on “Brown Skin Girl.” As far as big sisters go, Rumi and Sir have truly lucked out.

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